Every day we are presented with two choices. A, to hide from life and experience pain and suffering or B, to engage and create a life with others so that we may grow and florish.

I call this “Identifying your Intangible Assets in producing Tangible Results”

My consulting firm, Managing Change, LLC has provided Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring and presented Keynote Strategic sessions for clients such as the United.States Army Corp of Engineers, Morgan Stanley, Hewlett Packard, McKinsey, Rowan College at Burlington County, New Jersey. My approach has always been to approach each opportunity in a collaborative manner working to be a partner. 

“Ronald's contribution to our product was vital to it's success. His ability to adapt, learn, motivate, and educate our employees made our jobs easier”.

Working in the public sector I have earned Senate Citations from two New Jersey Senators. My business partnerships include Cloe Madanes & Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention training. I am an approved member of the Ken H. Blanchard, Blanchard Partner Network. A contributing writer for the Forbes Coaches Council. I have taught Project Management Certification for Grey Campus for the past 3 years. Adjunct faculty teacher for Delaware Technical Community College for 2 years.

As a business consultant, life coach/mentor and professional speaker, I am on a journey that specializes in supporting individuals, couples and families. To identify your Intangible Assets so that you will produce Tangible Results. 

I welcome you to read my recommendations I have received over the years. Take stock in the communities I have both built and been a part of across three professions. And now as I enjoy the years ahead, take a look at what I am seeking to create, just like you, and let's see if we are suitable to help one another moving forward. 

Be seeing you!

Ronald M. Allen


O: 609-556-9816 E: [email protected] C: 609-247-2799 S: ronaldmallen

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