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  • AI Will Not Replace the need to Engage. It Has Become the New Medium
    How ironic, BOOKS are still a significant medium from which we still read about this burgeoning evolution that started way back when the brain conceptualized about an altered state. Oh, Read more
  • The Purpose of Your Communications
    On the other hand, you may be seeking clarification on a topic under discussion. Just because you have an understanding in your mind of what you wish to convey does not mean you will. Nor does it mean those with whom you are speaking to, are receptive or interested in hearing what you have to say. Read more
  • How To Hire And Maximize Talent Development From A Global Pool Of Labor
    Hiring individuals from the global pool will add fresh insight to an organization. Those candidates who are picked at the right time will deliver value well beyond the investment made. Likewise, firms must devise effective strategies for achieving optimum uses for these candidates' skills, while permitting them to make use of the newfound intellectual capital that breathes new life into businesses. Read more
  • The Value of Your Employees In A Company Merger
    From an acquisitions perspective, this permits existing relationships to flourish and new relationships to develop despite the disruption, because you have retained key personnel that knows the market and understand the client and operational capability of your processes. This gives your employees an experiential role to play in the whole change process. Without taking these steps, we typically see low levels of engagement in the new process and equally reduced percentage use of new systems adaptation Read more
  • Just Pick Three Strategy - Identifying What is Most Significant and Working Towards Achieving It.
    What are the three most significant issues, challenges, opportunities you feel you need to address at this time that will provide the greatest benefits in your life and for your business Read more
  • Servant Leadership: Who Is Ultimately Responsible For Your People's Success?
    What is most interesting about this model for management is that it applies as much to the business environment as it does to one’s personal and family life. Read more

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