Be Informed and Not Influenced!

We have all been impacted by the Coronavirus. How we process what we are going through dictates our experience. If you look to the future you will be better able to address the challenges you are currently going through. How we act now as business owners, parents, guardians and community stakeholders set the stage for those in our care and our immediate future.

An objective action we all can take at this time is to use this level of access to information and look back at past events that have impacted human life if not existence, and make an assessment of what and how you and your family can better manage this event.

The ability to think clearly is to be informed, not influenced by conjecture. The psychological, social and financial impact will test your ability to manage your state of mind. The longer we experience these events the more at risk we will be to express solutions that do not bear the litmus test of good research, appropriate and realistic countermeasures. Our behavior, supported by limiting public interaction has in most prior pandemics, helped to counter the spread.

There are people whose whole life has been dedicated to studying, evaluating and assessing such life challenging events. There are resources that can educate you about the experiences of others who have weathered these kinds of life events. There are those who up until yesterday have been enduring these levels of uncertainty for years. Do you think you are the only person who is, has gone through such ‘wicked’ change? Human Flow

There are those that wish to confuse and place blame on others simply to create misdirection of what is important. The red herring is a ploy that misinforms and misdirects our attention. Read your Faust. Consider what it takes to prepare for a marathon. What does endurance mean to you? Can you help others develop and build their resilience so they can stay the course? Has this been the first and only challenge you have experienced in your life and if not, what have you learned from your past behavior? Has your mental fortitude not be sured up by such events or are you a leaf in the wind, blowing back and forth with no ability to arrest the turbulence in your mind?

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