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I don’t give recommendations easily and I am glad to promote Ronald and a valuable resource and engaging personality. I see myself as much better off for having had the pleasure of working with him”. Glen, Agile Coach Scrum Master

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What have I done in the area of personal and professional development that my clients have found valuable?

I have applied my skills to mentor associates of the Project Management Institute, New Jersey Chapter for the past four years. Created curriculum, marketed programs and delivered courses that support the needs for business communities of three educational institutions over the past 22 years in two states. Curated online courses for local businesses, state and county authorities and my own course on Udemy with over 105+ attendees to date.

What am I currently doing for the benefit of business partners, clients and customers alike?

We all see value in what we do. The true test of what I do is found in the feedback of how my clients have used these methodologies, resources and approaches to improve their personal and professional lives.
Being invited to work with some of the largest firms in their respective industries, It is my clients Volunteering is a crucial part of finding out about your ability to communicate with yourself and among others. The ability to build meaningful relationships is evidenced by the person or persons with whom you are engaging and stated from their voice, their perspective and not yours. Helping to create opportunities for others to grow is a hallmark of self-awareness while understanding how to work with others on their terms. I invite you to read what others say about my work. Link to Testimonials.

Where am I going? Moving forward with a flexible perspective allows you to engage openly with opportunities.

As we move through life’s experiences we find that the meaning of one experience is very different from one person to another. Being willing to learn about yourself permits you to bring forth latent capabilities, skills and desires that have laid dormant. Your life has just begun if you look at each experience as an opportunity to grow.
My underlying mission is to galvanize the intellectual curiosity of those that seek meaning from their lives, by managing the changes on purpose.

Major Walk-Aways

  • The Silence Between the Notes is Everything: How to create the peace in your mind that will determine your success
  • What is a 4-Way Win?: Where does your level of understanding of great Customer Service end?
  • Maintaining an Addiction to Learning: When and Where did you learn to do otherwise?
  • How Long Can You Go Without a CHECK: Which monetary system do you believe in?
  • An Eclectic Perspective Will Serve You Best: Why adopting the characteristics of a Chameleon helps you to blend in
  • Learn to Let Go and Stay in Control: Why do we place so much value on external objects when we are right here inside?

What a professional coaching service must provide

  • An environment that supports your safe expression of opposing ideas, thoughts, and beliefs so that you can develop both professionally and personally.
  • It must have a dynamic path, a track that allows you to adjust your approach and methodology of your core constructs that will enable tangible, measurable progress to be made.
  • The ability to enhance your skills, capabilities and ‘thinking’, that confirms you are being heard.

Coaching Program Options:

My programs help you to develop your acumen to support the direction you wish to pursue. Through these supportive services you will optimize your existing skills and develop while learning about latent assets you possess. If you are looking for supportive resources for your business, your career or personal life, these programs are for you. Be seeing you!

Family Coaching:

Strategic Therapy has a dynamic effect on your family relationships in being able to restore the passion new relationships enjoy and tied relationships yearn for. Understanding your family dynamics creates breakthroughs in systemic thinking and systemic change in individuals, couples, families, work groups, large groups, and cultures. We will explore the four primary types of client mindsets and be mindful of the blended personality types expressed by you in identifying your unique make-up. Understanding Your Mindset

Fire Client: The Fire Client typically says and think things like: “I am finally taking action.” Or “I have this, this and this I want to accomplish.” The Fire client is on fire to get things done, create results, and actualize goals or fix relationships in their life.
Air Client: I can dream, explore and imagine with my coach. This is comfortable for me. I go to many helpers and I love the process. The outcome part is trickier. I tend to have many unfinished projects, as well as lots of ideas and dreams. I would like a coach that will help me get organized, efficient and focused while appreciating the nature of sharing and expanding my perspective.
Earth Client: This client may not have a clear agenda for coaching at all or even a lot of ideas. They do have a nice strong energy and direction. Typically they will let you know they have an expansive general wish like, “To bring my family closer together.” Or “To have my team at work feel united.”
Water Client: This client type is usually very focused on either their own or another’s emotions. What they crave is emotion. Therefore you should make state and emotions a good and substantial goal. Remember to really dig in and understand what a particular emotion means to them and when and how they are used to feeling it or when and how in the future they would like to experience it. Since all our emotions mean something different to us. It is important that as coaches we don’t assume to understand another person’s definition of their emotion.
My fee is based on a sliding scale established by the per hour for as long as you feel you are benefiting from the outcomes you are achieving

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Group Coaching:

You will be a part of our Group Coaching Community. We trust you will take full advantage of the intellectual capital that such communities offer.
For instance, you will be apart of:

  • A Live Coaching Community meeting in person locally to learn and grow together.
  • An Online Coaching Community through secure online web conferencing portal that is HIPAA compliant, where people from all over the planet can meet face to face to engage in an eclectic experience only permissible through skill building, exploration and sharing on purpose.
  • Group Coaching Community Classes where you will learn the technical and fundamentals of effective communications.
  • When you are ready, you will be part of an experiential retreat leading a group session with all the supportive input and encouragement we can muster.
  • You will Create, Develop and Produce a self awareness from people you connect with because of the common denominator of seeking to learn how to improve your decision making abilities. An Encouraging Supportive, Safe Community is the most rewarding experience you can have when you seek to improve yourself. You get to see firsthand the transformation of a group of total strangers into a true community, generating connection and support which creates friendships that last forever.

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Life Coaching:

Coaching Program Outline Coaching is offered in open flexible time increments and fixed-term blocks of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
Here is an outline of the coaching process: 1. Establish the specific goals you wish to achieve through Coaching
2. Create a list of existing skills about which you feel confident
3. Identify instances when you have used these skills successfully
4. Identify what beneficial outcomes were achieved by using these skills
5. Discussion and exercises designed to discover latent abilities and neglected assets 6. Identify which areas you wish to develop in order to secure your objectives
7. Complete weekly, 2-weekly or monthly Action Taken Reports including details of the Outcomes Realized
8. Be willing to consider books of knowledge that may be unfamiliar to you in terms of your current understanding of how things work
9. At the end of the agreed term write an honest testimonial of your Coaching experience including your role, my role and the value you feel you have gained

  • A set of clearly-defined resources which will continue to guide your actions.
  • A clear understanding of the outcomes specific actions will provide.
  • The need to set up parameters that must be respected by those around you.
  • Continued motivation to develop a sphere of influence in which to share future thoughts, ideas and actions.
  • Receive a period of FREE Mentoring, equivalent to the period of your Coaching time.

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Mentoring Program:

Mentoring is a very successful way for you to receive practical help when you have lost sight of your life objectives and or goals in life and/or your career.
In mid-life, many people find their former career is coming to an end and struggle to find a new pathway that suits their skills. Equally, many individuals feel unsatisfied with their current career and can derive great benefit from a mentor in making the decision and transition to a more satisfying working life. In this situation, a highly experienced mentor can provide invaluable guidance and support.
Mentoring is also an excellent resource for helping people find new purpose and a full enjoyment of life in retirement. Through mentoring, people can re-discover themselves when their children are grown up and gone. Mentoring is simply a positive, constructive relationship focused on helping individuals get the very best out of themselves and their life!

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Personal & Professional Coaching:

Major Walk-Aways

  • Recognize the Assets You Already Possess: You have fought life’s battles before, draw upon your inner knowledge
  • Adjust your Perspective on Finance to Win: Why money does not make you secure
  • Creating Mentors for Your Personal Improvement: Every leader, high-performance athlete and the world-renowned artist has a Personal Coach – where is yours?
  • Establish ‘Behavioral Gambits’ that Win for All: How to create and maintain a forward thinking personality
  • The Silence Between the Notes is Everything: How to create the peace in your mind that will determine your success
  • What is a 4-Way Win?: Where does your level of understanding of great Customer Service end?
  • Maintaining an Addiction to Learning: When and Where did you learn to do otherwise?
  • How Long Can You Go Without a CHECK: Which monetary system do you believe in?
  • An Eclectic Perspective Will Serve You Best: Why adopting the characteristics of a Chameleon helps you to blend in.

My fee is $175.00 per hour for as long as you feel you are benefiting from the outcomes you are achieving.


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Bespoke Strategic Solutions:

My Bespoke Strategic Solutions is a year long program to address your hand picked issues. Any issue you have identified and we have established a game plan to achieve results. Twelve months of unlimited access to me either by any of the private online portals, e-mail, telephone, fax, should you wish regular mail or if possible face to face.
I will help you to identify the key issue, establish a strategy to address the matter and then put forth a dynamic action plan to sustain achieving the results you have identified. If I do not have an availability due to my Schedule, I will place you on the next available time available to move forward.
Full payment is required to start our working together or to claim a place on the waiting list. The fee is non-refundable, no exceptions. * Please note, my fees will vary based on the country I will be delivering the service to.

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Be seeing you!

Ronald M. Allen

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