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Your Personal and Professional Strategic Coaching Program

Weekly Group                                                            Accelerated                                                            Private

                Coaching                                                                  Time Specific                                                            One-On-One 

                 Monthly $37                                                            Monthly $97                                                            Monthly $195

P & P Strategic Coaching

Major Walk-Aways

  • Recognize the Assets You Already Possess: You have fought life’s battles before, draw upon your inner knowledge
  • Adjust your Perspective on Finance to Win: Why money does not make you secure
  • Creating Mentors for Your Personal Improvement: Every leader, high-performance athlete and the world-renowned artist has a Personal Coach – where is yours?
  • Establish ‘Behavioral Gambits’ that Win for All: How to create and maintain a forward thinking personality
  • The Silence Between the Notes is Everything: How to create the peace in your mind that will determine your success
  • What is a 4-Way Win?: Where does your level of understanding of great Customer Service end?
  • Maintaining an Addiction to Learning: When and Where did you learn to do otherwise?
  • How Long Can You Go Without a CHECK: Which monetary system do you believe in?
  • An Eclectic Perspective Will Serve You Best: Why adopting the characteristics of a Chameleon helps you to blend in
  • Learn to Let Go and Stay in Control: Why do we place so much value on external objects when we are right here inside?

It’s a Family Affair – Let’s Communicate: Why effective interpersonal communication is
fundamental to a winner’s relationship with others

Second Coaching

Why Am I

What What have I done in the area of developing meaningful value for clients? 
I have managed to cultivate relationships with three educational institution over the past 22 years creating courses, building curriculum and delivering programs that support the needs of the communities I have and am working with. I invite you to view their comments about the value I bring. 

What am I doing currently for the benefit of business partners, clients and customers alike? 
Volunteering is a crucial part of finding out about your communication with yourself and among others. The ability to build meaningful relationships is evidenced by the person or persons with which you are engaging with and stated from their voice, their perspective and not yours. Helping to create opportunities for others to grow is a hallmark of self-awareness while understanding how to work with others on their terms. I invite you to read what others say about my work. 

Where am I going? Moving forward with a flexible perspective allows you to engage openly with opportunities. 
As we move through life’s experiences we find that the meaning of one experience is very different for one person than another. Being willing to learn about yourself permits you to bring forth latent capabilities, skills and desires that have laid dormant. Your life has just begun if you look at each experience as an opportunity to grow. I invite you to read what others say about my work.         

My underlying mission is to galvanize the intellectual curiosity of those that seek meaning from their lives, by managing the changes on purpose. In essence, Do a Mandela!


    Where are you heading?


                   What do you want to create?

                                               How will you develop your future?

                                                                                    When will your production of your life start?

                                                                     Why are you holding back?

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