Our need to reach out and engage with one another makes us vulnerable to the interpretation of those we speak with. It is your ability to address and redress the multitude of thoughts that we hold in our minds that as we translate the facial expressions, the vocal nuances and the predetermined meanings of what is said, as we speak with one another, that is the skill we need to develop. By exposing ourselves in conversation we can develop a sense of self, we learn the sensativities of others and skill of effective communications that is based on our fundamental psychology learned when we were bearly out of dipers.

The fundamentals of interpersonal communication starts with the intent with which we come togehter.  What impacts our ability and inability to communicate effectively? Among other aspects of our environment, key elements can be identified as our social upbrining and cultural manners that we exhibit every day without question. The abiliyt to manage change thru effectively communicating with one another is in essence your ability to Identify the Intangible Assets in creating Tangible Results that we see in our ability to engage with one another with meaning, purpose and a desire to elevate the species.

Come and share your thoughts on these perspectives as I seek to engage with you.

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