‘My Castle, My Jail!

Home Ownership has never been easier to lose’
What ever happened to the American Dream?

This great read tells the fascinating story of the creation of the residential home ownership industry in the 19th Century and follows its growth into today’s global financial source. This is a topic that is not only closely linked to the national economy, but  also touches every facet of our personal lives.

The story is presented through the incredible journey across Europe and the U.S.A. of three generations of Ronald Allen’s family. Like all families trying to find their way through life, there are many hard decisions to be made and many valuable life-lessons to be learned.

These riveting family episodes are explored through relevant historical events in the global market and the effect these have had through time on residential home ownership.

My Castle, My Jail! Home Ownership Has Never Been Easier to Lose.’ is at the same time a touchingly personal account of one West Indian family’s post-WWII emigration to Europe, and subsequently to the U.S.A., and a historical record of global economic events and their impact on ordinary people.’ The Reviewer Magazine

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