We contracted Ronald’s services to build relationships with employers who would interview and hire those graduates, and he helped us significantly. In particular, Ronald created new relationships and invested in those relationships consistently.

He approached this work strategically, understood what was of value to our potential partners, and represented us professionally.

Thanks to his efforts, we
testimonial will likely be able to place many graduates.
Rohit Agarwal
Senior Engagement Manager
McKinsey & Co.
Generation Initiative




I participated in a small-group PMP preparation class that Ron facilitated. I was impressed with Ron’s ability to engage each individual, gain insights into their learning styles, and tailor his delivery of the class in a way that resonated with all participants. He made the material interesting, brought examples from his own experience and brought forth examples from the class, and helped the group develop strategies for follow-up study and exam preparation. I was pleased with the class and recommend Ron as an excellent instructor.

Michael Keats
North Highland

Having worked with Ronald for some time
now, I have found him to be very friendly,
supporting and caring. An appreciating
employer! No work pressure and I always
have a high morale working with him.
Furthermore its an opportunity to learn
from his intellect. My priority preference
to be of services, as and when required.
Thank you very much :)

Mubashir Anwar Raja

Ronald's contribution to our product was vital
to its success. His ability to adapt, learn,
motivate, and educate our employees made
our jobs easier.

Damian Rivera
JP Morgan

"Mr. Allen was introduced through his participation in several business development workshops offered through the Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) (then Burlington County College) Science and Technology Incubator. Mr. Allen (Ron) has a wide variety of business knowledge and offered to provide training opportunities for incubator tenants and other small business owners and employees.

One such opportunity we collaborated on was a Crowdfunding discussion panel. Ron developed all aspects of the program, including marketing and outreach, agenda, logistics, venue, program, and panelists. The program was very well attended and participants responded extremely well to the information".
"Ron is a pleasure to work with; please consider this letter as an endorsement of Mr. Allen’s character and professional skills, knowledge, and abilities".



Barbara Witkowski
Manager, Business Outreach and Incubation Services
Rowan College at Burlington County, Workforce Development Institute
Ronald has provided insightful strategic guidance while being a pleasure to work alongside. I don't give recommendations easily and I am glad to promote Ronald as a valuable resource and engaging personality. I see myself as much better off for having had the pleasure of working with him.

Glen Giancola
SCRUM Master/Agile Coach
I was matched with Ronald as a part of the NJ PMI Mentor program. I had recently taken on a new position as a PMO director and I needed guidance on my approach and strategy in the role. Ronald possesses one of the greatest qualities a mentor can have - he listens, interprets the communication in a useful manner, and offers practical wisdom.


Ronald didn’t just provide me with information and knowledge but the wisdom that helped me grow in my new position over the last 10 months. I appreciate his ability to take practical methodologies and apply them to real-life situations. Ronald helped me develop both professionally and personally. He exemplifies what leadership means. Most importantly,

Ronald helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to capitalize on both. I consider it both an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work directly with Ronald and benefit from his experience and mature insights.

Edward Witchey
IT Project Management Office

I have worked with many Account Executives over the years. But, I must say Ronald Allen was one of the most inspiring Account Executives to work with. Not only was his attention to detail exceptional. He constantly come up with new ways to bring new business to our station. And, he was very professional in every aspect of his job.

Mubashir Anwar Raja

Ronald is smart talented and I enjoyed working with him. We had many opportunities to interact and he was always generous with his knowledge. He is a superb consultant.

JP Morgan



I met Ronald in the late fall of 2009 and

immediately knew that he would be an
ideal author for Princeton Public Library's
"Independent and Local Author Day" that
was slated to occur in March 2010.

Ronald is both professional and personable
and easily engages others in his conversations about writing and his books. His talk during Independent and Local Author Day was very well received and, indeed, was a highlight for those in attendance. I look forward to working with Ronald again in the future.

Mr. 'Ronald Allen The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB
Dear Ronald:
Heartiest congratulations on being selected as a winner in The Dime's Bahamas Cruise Sales Contest! You are the winners in a hotly contested struggle and you deserve to be recognized and rewarded. We are very proud of your accomplishments, particularly at a time when we needed your extra effort. Your success is even more meaningful in light of the odds you faced with a lingering, depressed economy and only moderately increasing consumer confidence levels. Nothing would please us more than to share an evening of fun with some of The Dime's top performers on the eve of your voyage on the Nordic Empress. Unfortunately, neither of us will be able to join in the excitement on March 4 in Miami as we had originally planned. As you can well appreciate, several critical transactions connected with our Capital Plan, and in particular, our upcoming equity raising, require that both of us remain behind. But, for sure, we will be thinking of you and your colleagues as you board your ship and prepare to enjoy a truly deserved vacation.
Best regards and Bon Voyage,
HOMECorp's initial meeting with Mr. Ronald Allen was via the Non-Profit Affordable Housing Network of New jersey, a directory of Non-Profit Housing Providers and their related services. Mr. Allen introduced us to the FHA 203b and 203k home buyer programs enforcing the allowance of SECONDARY, GRANT, AND BUYER ASSISTANCE FINANONG, specific ily HOME and ALANCED HOUSING FUNDS.
It was at this time that we had completed a number of newly constructed homes in the Montclair area and had a particular applicant for one of HOMECOrp's renovated two family houses. The applicant was in need of a home to accommodate their large family. To exasperate matters further, their apartment unit was consumed by fire thereby forcing them to move into their dughter's unit making for an uncomfortable situation. Mr. Allen was able not only to obtain a commitment within twenty-six days of application, but he also kept our office informed as to each step of the loan process. His response and turn-around time in terms of answering questions and retrieval of additional documentation was always prompt. Lastly and most importantly, Mr. Alien's knowledge of HOMECorp's grant programs and loan documentation critical toward bringing about an expeditious closing°
I would recommend Mr. Allen's services and would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.
Beverly M. 4iddick Executive Director
HOMECorp A Community Based Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Generation Wilmington has graduated over 100 disconnected youth for placement in new careers since 2015. We contracted Ronald’s services to build relationships with employers who would interview and hire those graduates, and he helped us significantly. In particular, Ronald created new relationships and invested in those relationships consistently. He approached this work strategically, understood what was of value to our potential partners, and represented us professionally. Thanks to his efforts, we will likely be able to place many graduates in the future!
Ronald is the consummate professional. Very knowledgable about "Change" and how it affects our lives personally & professionally. He would be an asset to speak at your company or association meeting!